CAROL - THE actor

Theatre (Selected)

Thirsty - Production - 2012
Playwright: Dionne Brand
Producer: The National Arts Centre
Director: Peter Hinton
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Audrey Dwyer, Andrew Moodie & Jackie Richardson

After All - Workshop Production - 2003
Playwright: Carol Cece Anderson
Producer: bcurrent
Director: Diane Roberts
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Ardon Bess, Tuku Matthews, Kobena Aquaa-Harrison

The Lady Smith - Production - 2000
Playwright: Andrew Moodie
Producer: Theatre Passe Muraille
Director: Layne Coleman
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Janet Bailey, David Collins, Karen Glave

Whylah Falls - Production - 2000
Playwright: George Elliot Clarke
Producer: Eastern Front Theatre / National Arts Centre
Director: Paula Danckert
Cast: Jackie Richardson, Jeremiah Sparks, Walter Borden, Troy Adams, Carol Cece Anderson, Anne-Marie Woods, Lucky Campbell

The Hairy Ape - Production - 1998
Playwright: Eugene O’Neill
Producer: Threshold Theatre
Director: Mark Cassidy
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Gloria May Eshkibok, Annette Ottersen, Marjorie Chan

The Sunshine Boys - Production - 1997
Playwright: Neil Simon
Producer: Stage West
Director: Harvey Medlinsky
Cast: Allan Arbus, Richard Sanders, Tim Koetting, Carol Cece Anderson, Alex Kane, Janet Zenik

Murmel Murmel Mortimer Munsch - Production - 1994/1995
Stories: Robert Munsch
Adapted for the stage by: Kim Selody
Producer: The Grand Theatre (London)
Director: Kim Renders
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Glenn Bang, Shauna Black, Kim Kuhteubl

Sistahs - Production - 1994
Playwrights: Maxine Bailey & Sharon Lewis
Producer: Sugar & Spice
Director: Sharon Lewis
Cast: Melanie Nicholls-King, Carol Cece Anderson, Lisa Richardson, Kim Roberts, Shakura S’aida

Twelfth Night - Production - 1994
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Producer: Thousand Island Playhouse
Director: Greg Wanless
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson as “Viola”, Andrew Moodie as “Sebastian”, Sharon Bernbaum, Mo Bock, Robert Dodds, Carolyn Hetherington, David Kemp

The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd - Production - 1994  
Creators: Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
Producer: The Stage Company
Director: Paul Aspland
Cast: Louise Pitre, Don McManus, Carol Cece Anderson, Michael McGinn, Chantal Quesnel, Racheal Rosen, Jason Wodlinger

Black Friday - Production - 1992
Playwright: Audrey Butler
Producer: Great Canadian Theatre Company
Director: Janet Irwin
Cast: Melinda Little, Carol Cece Anderson, Joan Sullivan Eady, Merle Matheson, James Fagan Tait

The Wizard of Oz - Production - 1991
Producer: Carousel Players
Director: Pierre Tetrault
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson as “Dorothy”, Stephen Flett, Glen R. McDonald, Kelly McIntosh, Denis Nadon, Arthi Sambasivan, Lawrence Tan, Alisa Walton

A Raisin in the Sun - Production - 1989
Playwright: Lorraine Hansberry
Producer: Hadley Players (Harlem, New York)
Director: Gertrude Jeannette
Cast: Louise Mike, Edward M. Sewer, Patricia Floyd, Carol Cece Anderson, Albert Eggleston

Film & Television (Selected)

Guilt By Association
Producer: Court TV
Director: Graeme Campbell
Cast: Mercedes Ruehl, Alberta Watson, Alex Carter, Rachel McAdams
Role: “Cece”

Owning Mahowny
Producer: Alliance Atlantis
Director: Richard Kwietniowski
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Minnie Driver
Role: “Securities Clerk”

The City
Producer: CTV
Director: John L’Ecuyer
Cast: Torri Higginson, John Ralston, Shannon Lawson
Role: “Jean”

Down in the Delta
Producer: Showtime
Director: Maya Angelou
Cast: Alfre Woodard, Al Freeman Jr., Exther Rolle
Role: “Jesse’s wife”

Murder at 1600
Producer: Warner Brothers
Director: Dwight Little
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane
Role: Captain Farr’s Assistant

Radio (Selected)

Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson
Producer: CBC Radio
Director: Damiano Pietropaolo
Cast: Lili Francks, Troy Adams, Joe Sealy, Carol Cece Anderson

That Lonely Space in Between
Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson
Producer: CBC Radio
Director: Ann Jansen
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Richard Chevolleau, Melanie Nicholls-King, Andrew Moodie, Karen Robinson

Test Drive
Scriptwriter: Dave Carley
Producer: CBC Radio
Director: Linda Grearson
Cast: Gordon Pinsent

Therac 25
Scriptwriter: Adam Pettle
Producer: CBC Radio
Director: James Roy

It Hasn’t Hit Me Yet
Producer: CBC Radio
Scriptwriter: Andrew Moodie
Director: Robert Rooney