Selected Acting Credits

The Hairy Ape by Eugene O’Neill (1998)

Threshold Theatre

Directed by Mark Cassidy

“Anderson’s sympathetic portrayal of Yank…as agitated as a threatened chimp, perfectly conveys the helpless anguish of a man who is both misunderstood and incapable of understanding, a combination that can come to know good.”

– Vit Wagner, The Toronto Star

“Lead Carol Anderson’s decision to deliver her lines in a 30s film staccato seems like a good decision…In fact, Anderson’s physical performance, and the production’s careful use of the latitude O’Neill’s style allows with imagery, are paradoxically responsible for recapturing the vigor of a deliberately polemical play which might easily have lost its verbal bite with the passing of time.

– Kevin Connolly, Eye Weekly

thirsty by Dionne Brand (2012)

National Arts Centre

Directed by Peter Hinton

Audrey Dwyer & Carol Cece Anderson in thirsty

Anderson was bloody wonderful as Girl…and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house during her reunion scene with Julia.

 – The Visitorium

“The performances were stellar. Carol Cece Anderson in particular, as Girl, was emotionally charged.”

– Jim Murchison, The Charlebois Post

Carol Cece Anderson & Andrew Moodie in thirsty
Carol Cece Anderson & her Mom backstage at the National Arts Centre

“Though all actors are strong…it is Carol Cece Anderson, as Girl, who stands out with her uncanny ability to both play a child and represent woman’s strength.”

– Stephanie McKenzie, Bookends, Jamaica Observer

“Masterful. Gripping. Compassionate. Riveting cast.”

– Ottawa Citizen

The cast of thirsty – Carol Cece Anderson, Jackie Richardson, Andrew Moodie & Audrey Dwyer

The Lady Smith by Andrew Moodie (2000)

Theatre Passe Muraille

Directed by Layne Coleman

“Anderson elegantly conveys the humour in her character.”

– Kamal Al-Solaylee, Eye Weekly

Photo (3) - Carol Cece Anderson & Karen Glave in Andrew Moodie's The Lady Smith - Theatre Passe Muraille
Carol Cece Anderson & Karen Glave in The Lady Smith

Whylah Falls by George Elliott Clarke (2000)

National Arts Centre / Eastern Front Theatre

Directed by Paula Danckert

Carol Cece Anderson & Walter Borden in Whylah Falls

“Anderson’s Amarantha, who literally blossoms before our eyes, is a beautiful study in the fertilizing power of love.

– Janice Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

“Woods, McColman and Carol Anderson as Amarantha, the object of Pablo’s passion, all excel.”

– Stephen Pederson, The Chronicle-Herald

Sistahs by Maxine Bailey & Sharon Lewis (1994)

Sugar ‘N Spice Productions

Directed by Sharon Lewis

The all equity cast is uniformly strong with particularly good performances from Nicholls-King as the dying Sandra, and from Anderson who manages to infuse the  daughter’s role with both sunny good humour and dark adolescent angst.

– H.J. Kirchhoff, The Globe and Mail

Perhaps the best aspect of this emotional and political buffet are the performances, particularly Carol Anderson’s portrayal of Sandra’s daughter Assata. Anderson convincingly  captures the twitchy exuberance of a 16-year-old girl caught between cultures and lifestyles.

–  Laura Kosterski, Eye Weekly

“Smart and sophisticated performances – highlighted by Nicholls-King…and Anderson as her high-spirited but fearful daughter Assata.”

– Jill Lawless, Now

Carol Cece Anderson in Sistahs

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (1994)

Thousand Islands Playhouse (Gananoque)

Directed by Greg Wanless

Both Anderson and Moodie do a great job capturing the highs, lows and confusion that love evokes.”

– Lynn Rees Lambert, Kingston This Week

…the nicely tentative swagger that Viola (Anderson) brings to her unsure Cesario.”

– Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen


“Anderson brings a glint of girlish mischief to the role of Viola.”

– Carolyn Bond, The Kingston Whig-Standard

Carol Cece Anderson & Mo Bock in Twelfth Night

Black Friday by Audrey Butler (1992)

The Great Canadian Theatre Company

Directed by Janet Irwin

“A gutsy performance was given by Anderson who plays Spike, Terry’s blunt, motorcycle riding, lesbian lover. Anderson’s strong presence often steals the scene from her co-stars.” 

– Claudine Parker, The Fulcrum

Photo - Melinda Little & Carol Cece Anderson in Black Friday - Great Canadian Theatre Company
Melinda Little & Carol Cece Anderson in Black Friday

The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon (1997)

Stage West (Mississauga)

Directed by Harvey Medlinsky

Anderson as Willie’s nurse has a natural ability to handle his barbs.

– Angela Blackburn, Mississauga News

Carol Cece Anderson & Allan Arbus in The Sunshine Boys

CBC Radio Dramas


2003 & 2004

Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson
CBC Radio
Producer: Damiano Pietropaolo
Cast: Lili Francks, Troy Adams, Kirsten Bishopric, Kevin Hanchard, Pierre Péloquin, Carol Cece Anderson, Marie-Josée Lefebvre, Andrew McPherson,

Jazz piano by Joe Sealy

That Lonely Space In Between


Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson
CBC Radio
Producer: Ann Jansen
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Richard Chevolleau, Melanie Nicholls-King, Andrew Moodie, Karen Robinson, Kim Roberts, Alisha Morrison, William Colgate

Original music by Claude Desjardins

Test Drive


Scriptwriter: Dave Carley
CBC Radio
Producer: Linda Grearson
Featuring: Gordon Pinsent

Therac 25


Scriptwriter: Adam Pettle
CBC Radio
Producer: James Roy
Cast: Kristen Thomson, Shaun Smythe, Carol Cece Anderson


It Hasn’t Hit Me Yet


Scriptwriter: Andrew Moodie
CBC Radio
Producer: Robert Rooney
Cast: Carol Cece Anderson, Andrew Moodie, Sharon Lewis, Alison Sealy-Smith



Scriptwriter: William Patrick
CBC Radio
Producer: Eoin O’Callaghan Cast: Lally Cadeau, Peter
Boretski, Hardee Lineham, Greg Spottiswood and Carol Cece Anderson.