Selected Writing Credits

Stormbound (Crystal Ice Reflections) (2018)

By Carol Cece Anderson

Threshold Theatre, El Destino Productions & Oakwood Village Arts Festival

lunation reading

Featuring Lili Francks, Troy Adams, Claire Armstrong, Christian Laurin, Daniel Ellis and pianist, John Campbell.

Directed by Mark Cassidy

Lili Francks, Troy Adams & Claire Armstrong in Lunation reading of Stormbound (Crystal Ice Reflections)

Lunation Reading

Wed. March 28, 2018 @ 7:30 pm @ St. Matthew’s United Church, 729 St. Clair Ave. W.

Christian Laurin & Daniel Ellis

Mark Cassidy

Suzanne Hersh

Co-Artistic Directors of Threshold Theatre

Swan Song of Maria (A Tragic Fairy Tale) (2011)

By Carol Cece Anderson



Featuring Lili Francks, John Blackwood, Stephanie Hutchison & pianist, Hilario Duran

Directed by Mark Cassidy

John Blackwood, Stephanie Hutchison & Lili Francks in Swan Song of Maria (A Tragic Fairy Tale)

“Beautifully written by Carol Cece Anderson and intricately staged by Mark Cassidy.”

“…a moving account about love and loss and the unbearable weight of suffering.”

“This play speaks of the human experience in a profound way.”

“Without doubt a powerful piece.”

“This elegant work of art will inspire despite its tragic fairy tale ending.”

– Adelina Fabiano, Mooney on Theatre

“Gritty. Entertaining. Inspired.”

– Theatromania

Swan Song of Maria (A Tragic Fairy Tale) (2009)

By Carol Cece Anderson

Black Theatre Workshop


Featuring Ranee Lee, Joel Miller, Kiani del Valle & Tom Mennier

Directed by Tyrone Benskin

Ranee Lee & Joel Miller in Swan Song of Maria (A Tragic Fairy Tale)

“Beautifully done, melancholy ballad of a play.”

“A poetic blend of word and image.”

“Carson McCullers and her Ballad of a Sad Cafe come to mind.”

“The play’s intermingling of art forms creates an unforgettable ambiance that leaves the audience spellbound.”

“A bittersweet joy.”

“A gem.”

“Anderson doesn’t preach, she weaves.”

– Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette

“A new take on Swan Lake spins the fairy tale on its head.”

“Realistic in its depiction of Alzheimer’s.”

“Powerful and heartbreaking.”

– Jessica Mailloux, The Concordian

“An ambitious, multidisciplinary work.”

– Neil Boyce, Montreal Mirror

“Swan Song of Maria highlights how far the Black Theatre Workshop has come as a company in the discussion of race.”

– Brett Hooten, The Hour

“Characters prevail in a beautiful tragedy.”

“The play is innovative, fusing language, dance, and music to tell a story.”

– Johanu Botha, The McGill Tribune

“There is much human frailty here.”

“The play achieves a moving portrait of difficult subject matter.”

– Marc Seltzer, Rover Arts

Swan Song of Maria (A Tragic Fairy Tale)

can be purchased @

Playwrights Guild of Canada Copyscript

After All (2003 & 2004)

By Carol Cece Anderson

bcurrent (Rock.paper.sistahz 2 & 3)

Workshop production

Featuring Carol Cece Anderson, Ardon Bess & Tuku Matthews (2003)


Featuring Karen Glave, Jeff Jones, Andrea Henry & Kobena Aquaa-Harrison (2004)

Directed by Diane Roberts

Carol Cece Anderson & Ardon Bess in After All (2003)
Karen Glave, Jeff Jones & Andrea Henry in After All (2004)

After All

is published in

Canadian Theatre Review (CTR 118)

Jazz at 3 a.m. (2001)

By Carol Cece Anderson

Tarragon Theatre’s Spring Arts Fair

Featuring Yanna McIntosh, Deborah Drakeford & Richard Greenblatt

Directed by Alison Sealy-Smith

Jazz at 3 a.m.

(a ten minute play)

is published in


Playwrights Canada Press (2004)

compiled by Andy McKim

CBC Radio Dramas


2003 & 2004

Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson

CBC Radio – Sunday Showcase / Monday Night Playhouse
Producer: Damiano Pietropaolo 

* World Medal at 2004 International Radio Festival of New York *

** Rebroadcast in 2004 as part of a Best of 2003 series **

That Lonely Space In Between


Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson

CBC Radio – Sunday Showcase / Monday Night Playhouse
Producer: Ann Jansen

Who Is This Old Black Woman?


Scriptwriter: Carol Cece Anderson

Precipice Project – CBC Radio / Q / Playwrights Workshop Montreal / National Theatre School

Director: Stephen Lawson

Cast: Hannah Cheesman & Jake Epstein